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Hotel Mediterraneo

Via Lungomare
Santa Maria Navarrese

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Book nowSanta Maria Navarrese is surrounded by a green rich valley of olive trees, fig and carob trees, nettle trees and by a bushy Mediterranean scrub.

The characteristics of the country are the green of the great trees, but above all seculars and millenarians olive trees who dye the public square and the hills that rise from the sea, interrupted by the white of the ancient Church and from the imposing grey of the Spanish Tower that overlooks the bay and the beaches.

The main beach, situated at the town centre, is a charming bay sheltered from winds and delimited to south from some porphyry red rocks.

A complete and modern tourist port is present in town and, thanks to a service with a wide range of boats available, you could be carried out to visit a unique coast in the Mediterranean: 40 Kilometers of wild cliffs of a dazzling white, interrupted by several beautiful creeks reflecting into an emerald sea.

Citing some of the most renowned localities, you will meet the Guglia di Pedra Longa, Portu Quau, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine e Cala Luna.

The territory of Baunei is very interesting also for the naturalistic value of its landscapes, with the carsic valley and the basaltic plateau of the Golgo where you can admire “Su Sterru”: the deepest chasm of Europe.


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